Friday, April 27, 2007

one last post

i forgot to mention that anna nicole was an animal activist. that is why i loved her so much. RIP

Anna Nicole Smith Anti-Fur Ad *click here*

check ya later.
i love animals<3

Thursday, February 08, 2007

i'm sorry anna...

i am so very saddened by today's death of Anna Nicole Smith. i take back everything i ever said about her that was insulting. she was a beautiful, hilarious and entertaining lady. everybody has tough times, but i've always thought she was so cute. no matter what, i've always loved her. she was a survivor and never gave up! i hope her baby girl will be okay...this is such a tragedy.

R.I.P. Vickie Lynn Hogan


Friday, January 26, 2007

hello and goodbye.

i realize that i have not been posting regularly on this blog of mine. i'm not sure if there is anyone out there that actually reads this, if so, thank you! if not, please disregard the following. i've decided to take a hiatus. i enjoy posting here, but i'm a busy girl. i will be back, here and there, to probably post something funny or weird. the gossip always ended up "old news" by the time i posted it anyway. the main reason i will not delete this blog is because my best friend nina commented on an entry, and she is longer with me. her soul rest in peace. well, i'm going to try to end this on a positive note, so until next time, farewell...and please enjoy the following story from channel 3 news.

Friday, December 08, 2006

it's finally friday

here is my long overdue halloween post...
ian as a woman
me as the devil
that's me
lesbian action
kiss me bitch
us smashing a pumpkin
halloween mischief
fun!'s some celeb gossip and stuff...

she won ANTM on wednesday, incase you missed it. i'm so happy that she won, she really deserved it. plus she is gorgeous!
*britney spears is the top yahoo internet search for the fifth time. lol @ "I probably did take my new found freedom a bit too far, anyway, thank God for Victoria Secrets' new underwear line!" at least she's aware, right? but how will she explain this?
*my favorite girl, nicole richie, is apparently being linked with some fag from some lame emo band. eeeeew!
*my other favorite girl, mariska hargitay, signs bottles of shower gel for her joyful heart pretty! if only celebrites could be more like her
*courtney love and frances bean backstage at the billboard music awards. like mother like daughter!
*kate moss' crazy ass boyfriend, pete doherty, may have been involved with a man falling to his death. he was probably high. he needs to go asap. yuck!
*dakota fanning has a precious photo shoot in vaniety fair
*zooey deschanel is super cute in dazed & confused, a magazine in london
*picture of beyonce's obvious weave, haha!
*the victoria's secret fashion show was on tuesday, and it was smoking hot! some of my favorite pieces:
very very nice!

and finally, just for shits and giggles,
deer gets revenge on hunter! yey!

gotta "work" now. bye.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

crazy famous people

hiya! so here's some gossip for today...

*xtina gets her wax model finally...which isn't that bad. not as creepy as paris', especially not as creepy as this old man feeling up jlo's!
*amanda was eliminated from ANTM last nite...boohoo, no more twins! i'm really starting to like eugena, she's so pretty and has a funny attitude when she shows it. the elimination was scary, but caridee came through. she better knock melrose out (anyone notice the judges are catching on to her fake ass?).
*anna nicole smith says she "might" be preggers again. who a ho! i mean, i feel so bad about her son dying...AND she's getting evicted? woah, i'm sorry i called her a drunken slut, i mean crazy ho-bag...wait, i said ho. sorry about that.
*zooey deschanel looking fabulous at some volkswagon gathering. you may remember her from elf or almost famous or from just being hot.
*billy idol makes a xmas cd...whhhhhhhhhhhhhy
*nicole richie tells santa she was naughty this year
*kate bosworth is a skeleton
*i found pics of paris getting arrested for her DUI! haha! celebrities need to learn they can't always get away with shit.

okay, i've ran out of back later

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

hello again!

wow, it's been forever! i decided this blog needs an update and i'm starting with my most exciting news ever...

the beautiful and most talented mariska hargitay finally responded to my letter i sent last year with an autographed photo!!!!!! it is so fabulous, i will find a way to post a picture soon.
for now, here is the woman i adore:
mariska magdolina hargitay

*britney spears won't stop showing off her lady folds
*paris throws a drink at lindsay, lindsay calls paris a cokehead and paris calls lindsay a firecrotch- oh the drama!
*tonite is a new episode of ANTM...i'm rooting for caridee, melrose is a biotch! plus caridee has mental problems like me.
*scarlett johansson will cover tom waits songs...interesting
*paris and nicole are friends again! yey! it seems forced though...i feel this was all a sham
*my new favorite website

well...i'm out

PS: have a jolly day

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


today really is

on my way to work i saw a kitten get runned over. it was the worst moment of my fucking life.
and i thought today would be a good day...