Thursday, May 26, 2005

happy birthday to me

it's my birthday! IAN IF YOU READ THIS i forgot my cell phone at home. so i'll call you. anyway - i'm excited. it's MY SPECIAL DAY! wooo! i was born today oh so long ago, so was stevie nicks, pam grier, helena bonham carter and kristen pfaff (r.i.p.),
interesting fax:
-today in 1977 a guy scaled the world trade center by attaching himself to the window washer thing and walking straight up (into police custody)
-today is Mother's Day in Poland
-today in 1956 althea gibson was the first african-american to win a tennis tournament
-today in 1978 the first legal casino opened
-today in 1994 lisa marie and michael jackson got married!
-today in 1864 Montana was invented
-today is the 146th day out of 365
-here is last years may 26 food recall list EWWWW!

if you are a GEMINI like me, you are probably adaptable, communicative, eloquent, youthful and lively. the GEMINI color is green, animal is the wolf, and the planet is mercury.


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