Saturday, June 25, 2005

fucked up events

DO NOT CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway...after unfortunally going to the "whisky ranch" in hickville, ohio usa last nite, my ride was too drunk to go any farther so i volunteered to take the bus. little did i know that the buses stopped i walked and staggered and flipped off pervs for about an hour or two before i found a payphone and called ian. he came flying to my rescue on a shitty rusty huffy. so we walked from North Olmsted to Lakewood last nite, it only look like...4 hours? i love him too much.

*guess what "nicked olivia" is an anagram for? you are a genious if you know.
*this guy is really talented
*and i love amy cause she's so damn funny
**two paris hilton finds: #1 and #2
just like me right now cause it's 92 degrees and we aint got no a/c. it looks like rain so hopefully that will happen. what can i do until ian gets off work? i'm bored i wish we had a slip n slide, except the fancy kind, not the kind made of latex or whatever the fuck it is, that shit hurts going down.


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