Monday, June 27, 2005

kp macnashit

i quit my job today before they could fire me. i feel so much better - although my mom is making me feel real flustered and shitty. HEY MOM! I PROMISE I WILL GET ANOTHER JOB!! hopefully she dosen't read this but just incase. seriously - she acts like i'm gonna lay around the house all day and eat donuts. whatever, i've been looking for a job alllllll day and i have several appt tomorrow already! this may be surprising, but, i do want a job. one that makes me feel HAPPY!

at least i got my ac/dc air freshener in the mail today

*my mom is not cool. but she would be if she pulled this shit like madonna. ps: i doubt that will teach lourdes to be responsible.
*50 worst haircuts...hahaha @ the mushroom/dickhead, the super idiot, the broom and pride of jersey!!!!!
*SAD: the voice of tigger died Friday and the voice of piglet died today :(
*first ever product with a barcode was scanned in good ole ohia
*rupaul's blog LOVES IT!
*can someone explain this?
*cows are cool! please don't eat them.



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