Tuesday, November 01, 2005

hey now pops

i love google hacks
visual poetry is so fun!!

here are my favorite sentances to translate into pictures:
1) mom is crabby
2) huge cock with no hair
3) we don't need no education
4) your brain is missing
5) my mental property
6) trick or treat (halloween hooker! yey!)

ew...have to interrupt real quick i just heard my dad mumble "..have ta go to tha can man" while walking towards the bathroom. who is he talking to? why is he narrating his actions? does he not know what he is about to do? does he know that i heard him? does he know that's fucking DISGUSTING AND WEIRD??????!!!!!!!

anyway...i'm back at good ole kp. loves it!!! now you can look forward to regular postings. yey. only way to describe the feeling i get before i answer the phone would be this picture:

i will be back with pictures of halloween madness, there is no age limit... but it IS cold outside and i have to get my camara downloader cord thing from my car and i really don't want to move.

one more thing, my cat just meowed and my dad said "no, not interested" to him. please save me. maybe i'll just talk about my dad from now on...he is one fucked-up/annoying/know-it-all/won't-shut-up/scary/ego-maniac/really-smart/runner-of-dictatorship/not-my-favorite/okay dude.

thank you


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