Tuesday, August 09, 2005

why me

well, sorry i haven't updated in forever. my lip looks a little better if anyone was wondering about that. this past month has been the worst ever.
if anyone sees a short guy with facial hair named "shawn" hanging around Lakewood or surrounding areas wearing a "drink cafe'" shirt or some other jock get-up please murder him for me.
*UPDATE* he lives in the "river oaks apartments" off of center ridge road in rocky river. apartment #4. it won't be hard to find him, i gave you all his info above.
i can't tell you why, but if you need to know why you are killing him - just contact me and i will explain.
the reward is being offered in the form of eternal friendship with me.
i'm worn out. i really am.
all i can do is give you some weird websites but i need to go to sleep and not wake up. so if i wake up, you'll be getting those links.

*UPDATE* i never woke up


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