Friday, July 22, 2005

it's been awhile

but i have some awesome things to share with you:

*find out your real age - answer questions about your lifestyle (eating, smoking, disorders, etc.) my "real" age is 29.6, that's a difference of +7.4 woah!!

*i don't remember how i stumbled upon this website, but it's pretty damn funny
"Rusty, an Aquarius, likes to let it all hang out in the sun and enjoys playing chase the shadow in his spare time"

*speaking of cats (as you know i love cats the most), this commercial was designed by someone that probably stoned - and i love it!

*ever heard of colonix? it's a pretty nasty unnatural procedure that rich assholes do to "cleanse" themselves and "loose weight". whatev. that's sick. i dare you to click here

*i really hope kathy has found her turtle by now :(

*i looooooove mister rogers. he's a goddamn saint. he basically raised me from the tv. this clip is from family guy, and it is sorta funny for me but probably will be really really funny for everyone else. i'm only posting it because it's from family guy

well gotta go be with my loveerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr adios!


Blogger Qthrul said...

glad you liked

I've added an LJ community and a Flickr group as well. Unfortunately, the zingers aren't posted with the photos always.


11:18 AM  

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