Sunday, July 03, 2005

stuff and stuff and cats

here i am, trying to find a job. hopefully by the end of the week i'll get contacted. i must have emailed at least 30 employers that had ads on and it is a holiday tomorrowwhich sets me back... but if you live in my area and need a good organized sweet ass office worker - i'm for hire!!!!!!!!!

here's some funny shit i've found throughout the past couple days......
*hate mariah carey, not only is she dirty and skanky but she's plastic and brainless. for example she drunkenly poses with disabled homeless men for attention, even when they say they DON'T WANT HER TO... what a bitch
*incase you were wondering what happened to paul from the wonder years
*if you are reallllllly desperate to send your kid to skool - how far would you go? what a freak
*here kitty kitty
*i would be pissed too if i were seated next to the airline shitter
*if i were a man i'd be crying my eyes out
and finally...


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