Sunday, July 17, 2005

if you give a shit about animals


*IAM'S - you may think of the pet friendly commercials or their nice little slogan "good for today, good for life" when you see this product. but do you think of dogs driven insane from being confined within one space? or shaved rabbits with buring chemicals being sprayed on their bodies and in their eyes? how about dogs that are chained to a table to have their vocal chords severed (because barking dogs are such a hassel) and muscle tissue removed from their body? click here to watch a life changing video - which was recorded undercover during a NINE MONTH INVESTIGATION, and these tests are still occuring at this very second.

*CLOROX - don't forget the FDA requires all manufacturers of chemical/cleaning products to swab the teeth of over 200 mice and then bake their heads in an oven for over an hour. not to mention, your tax dollars are funding this very operations.

*DIAL - the least horrifying story i could tell about this one is thousands of mice dying after unspeakable amounts of soap were pumped into their bodies.

*PFIZER - next time you buy some pain relievers, remember that kittens and puppies are strapped down to receive high impact blows to their heads to "study" head injury.

*i could go on and on and on, but i won't because i think you get the picture. can you imagine living in a cage for your entire life - only to be taken out to have chemicals injected into your body or sprayed in your eyes, or your skin cut open while wide awake...until you die a painful horrible miserable death?? DO NOT SUPPORT THESE MONSTERS


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