Monday, September 05, 2005

here's those links i promised you last month...

since the world is about to end soon...let's laugh at stuff

*world jump day - if everyone jumps at the same time next year, we may be able to move our planet into a new orbit! yippee!
*Penis/Shoe chart - is it really true that big feet means big schloong? i dunno. but this chart is sure informative
*Funny pictures - 700ish handpicked funny pictures of random shit. i always go here when i need to laugh.
*Cumming, the fragrance - yep, it smells like sex AND it's $69
*Cinemorgue - where celebrities go to die during/after their movies
*Awesome shirt - i want one to wear once a month
*Hendrix was gay - just so he didn't have to join the military...haha what a prankster
*2 cats - in love<3
*Optical illusion - this is really cool, but DO NOT ATTEMPT WHEN INTOXICATED
and finally....
*Wall Tattoos - they're everywhere, just look behind that ugly picture of the beach in the office of your therapist while waiting

i went shopping today at payless, marshalls and old navy my fav places to go. everything in on sale and at old navy i bought about 10 items for under $3 each. woohoo! i'm gonna look super cute when i start my job tomorrow at JD ByRider. i'm not in sales, god no. i'm behind the scenes breaking down deals and tracking payments. sounds like fun, not really. it'll take me an hour to get there probably and i only get half a tank of gas for 20 bucks now. fuck that. bye.


Blogger msbrooksie said...

That wall tatoos was cool.


11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love your blog like omg your so cool
i mean i was at that tori concert and it totally kicked ass i think i was standing next to you. you were the one with the sexy boyfriend. well i will always be reading your blog forever.


8:11 PM  

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