Wednesday, November 29, 2006

hello again!

wow, it's been forever! i decided this blog needs an update and i'm starting with my most exciting news ever...

the beautiful and most talented mariska hargitay finally responded to my letter i sent last year with an autographed photo!!!!!! it is so fabulous, i will find a way to post a picture soon.
for now, here is the woman i adore:
mariska magdolina hargitay

*britney spears won't stop showing off her lady folds
*paris throws a drink at lindsay, lindsay calls paris a cokehead and paris calls lindsay a firecrotch- oh the drama!
*tonite is a new episode of ANTM...i'm rooting for caridee, melrose is a biotch! plus caridee has mental problems like me.
*scarlett johansson will cover tom waits songs...interesting
*paris and nicole are friends again! yey! it seems forced though...i feel this was all a sham
*my new favorite website

well...i'm out

PS: have a jolly day


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