Monday, May 22, 2006

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here are random links...i've gotten requests from elephant-shoe-junkies to get my ass in gear.

*SPAMUSEMENT - if you took those annoying spam subject lines and turned them into the sunday comics.
*CAFFIENE OVERLOAD - why don't you just give me liquid adderall/amphetimene?
*UNFAIR- my favorite rocker child to work at my favorite designer store this summer? jealous? yes? me too...
*ANNA FARIS - i love her, she is so cute. dosen't she look like courtney love here? scary movie 4 is playing at the dollar theater already.
*UHH...WHY - wow, how embarressing for little lindsay lohan
*YET AGAIN - everyone hates lindsay lohan, it's all the rage. “I think she’s worth about 7 million...which means she’s really poor”
*PARIS - i love you, but you love yourself waaay too much.
*MEOW! - big cat in the backyard.
*MMMM CAKE - my birthday is in 4 days! email me for my address/wishlist

that's all folks...for now
bang bang


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