Friday, November 04, 2005

dan will be stopped, oh yes, he will be stopped

HOT TOPIX (to me at least)
1. you can buy vincent gallo's sperm! if only i wasn't a green eyed brunette...and had a mil
2. cute kitty plays with your mouse!
3. dirty deeds done dirt cheap.
4. nicole ritchie eating a weiner...woah, LOVES it!
5. mila kunis is one hot bitch on the cover of stuff

my mom said she was pissed at dan the other day. it was amazing. apparently a women came to the door selling meat and he slammed the door in her poor face because it was dinner time. what an asshole. then he laughed about it and my mom was like "just cause you have a bad day don't take it out on other people, you remind me of my customers at work!!" he was all like "i'm having a great day" all confident sounding. uhhhhh. if anyone would like to read articles written by him (because he's a great, talented writer who works for a magazine) here's a link. remember...DAN SANDOVAL is his name. it must be so exciting and fun to write about recycling and waste products. wow!

oh, speaking of dinner's a little taste of dinner time rules
1. no elbows on the table!
2. you must say "may i be excused from the table" when finished!
3. grace will be said before eating!
4. no reaching over other people! you must say "can you please pass the peas?"
5. we must all say one positive thing we did today!
6. no tv, radio, internet or phone calls allowed during dinner time!
7. dinner time must be spent at the dinner table, no living room/bed room eating allowed!
8. mother must be complimented on her cooking!
9. "please" and "thank you" must be used at all times!
etc., etc., etc...........................

for those in the trucking/shipping/receiving/freight/tote business...ATS IS THE WORST TRUCKING COMPANY TO USE! BOYCOTT ATS!!!
i bitched out rob for like an hour for screwing me on this really important load. my boss apparently overheard me and said it was "classic". be aggressive! be-be aggressive!

here's 2 halloween pix!

my friend 'goofy'
my boyfriend 'jason'


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