Sunday, November 06, 2005

dan and his previous evil dog, robots, pigs & books



ian my love came over last nite and we discovered what dan does on his laptop all day. he really likes a website called unsure of the website? check it out! not only did he visit the website multiple times, but watched many videos. haha! wow...what a shining perfect example. i bet my lil sis would love to know about the things daddy does when no one is home. or maybe mom?? who knows, i may just spill the beans one day! and the funny part? he also visits the website of sj family and lca everyday! that's my dan rant for today. oh wait, i also stumbled upon this...
the grinch who ruined christmas and everyday after was his stupid dog that he trained to hate me which eventually attacked and almost killed me. (see July 27th entry) not only that but i was "babysitting" the fuck while they were out in chicago. here's his little ad in the paper. haha. one lady took the fuck home and brought him back the next day - no one can handle that dog. it was brainwashed by dan. i love animals, you know this, but that dog? sadly, i don't believe is alive right now.
looks 'good on paper' as carrie would say...spawn of satan

anyway...other than reliving the scariest moment of my life thus far, let's laugh at stuff
1) small bird rescued by robot! awwwwwwwwwww that's so precious. it should contact peta2 and maybe it could be the star activist of the month!
2) my favorite drink is dr.pepper and i pretty much drink it everyday. so i have to keep in mind not to exceed 191 cans per day. or i will die. and you. and you and you and you.
3) babycage. for those who really don't care about their babies.
4) britney spears is a meatball
5) did you know pigs have corkscrew shaped penises? ew.
6) does anyone else remember this show? i miss it!
7) i want a paris hilton diary! and a novel by nicole richie!

okay goodnite


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