Tuesday, December 06, 2005

yey hannah!

woah haven't updated for awhile. but i did make a new layout guarenteed to blind you. inspired by the januaries, how appropriate. it's sooo cold and there is snow everywhere. and it won't melt for another 5 months! pout.


anyway, i'm at work and have limited time to disguise this post as "working". here are some interesting links i've been collecting to share with you...

*50 cent starts a new line...of sex toys!
*you won't hate your job after working as a..... ?
*what does it mean when your ear itches?
*best way to break it off? send her personalized m&m's! "it's over bitch"

*will there still be a saw III? i'm so sad

ps: dan sux



Anonymous Amy said...

First of all, now everytime my ear itches, I'm going to think there's a spider in there. And my ear will be itching for the next three days.... at least!
Secondly, I checked out the personalized M+M's website. You should tell Jared to propose to me using M+M's. You know how I don't eat blue food? Well, he makes fun of how I pick out the blue M+M's. So if he got "Will you marry me?" printed on the blue ones, I'd be sure to read them and not eat them! Aw, wouldn't that be cute? Yes, it would, and therefore, he will never do it.
Lastly, I heart you.

12:17 PM  

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