Friday, December 08, 2006

it's finally friday

here is my long overdue halloween post...
ian as a woman
me as the devil
that's me
lesbian action
kiss me bitch
us smashing a pumpkin
halloween mischief
fun!'s some celeb gossip and stuff...

she won ANTM on wednesday, incase you missed it. i'm so happy that she won, she really deserved it. plus she is gorgeous!
*britney spears is the top yahoo internet search for the fifth time. lol @ "I probably did take my new found freedom a bit too far, anyway, thank God for Victoria Secrets' new underwear line!" at least she's aware, right? but how will she explain this?
*my favorite girl, nicole richie, is apparently being linked with some fag from some lame emo band. eeeeew!
*my other favorite girl, mariska hargitay, signs bottles of shower gel for her joyful heart pretty! if only celebrites could be more like her
*courtney love and frances bean backstage at the billboard music awards. like mother like daughter!
*kate moss' crazy ass boyfriend, pete doherty, may have been involved with a man falling to his death. he was probably high. he needs to go asap. yuck!
*dakota fanning has a precious photo shoot in vaniety fair
*zooey deschanel is super cute in dazed & confused, a magazine in london
*picture of beyonce's obvious weave, haha!
*the victoria's secret fashion show was on tuesday, and it was smoking hot! some of my favorite pieces:
very very nice!

and finally, just for shits and giggles,
deer gets revenge on hunter! yey!

gotta "work" now. bye.


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