Thursday, November 30, 2006

crazy famous people

hiya! so here's some gossip for today...

*xtina gets her wax model finally...which isn't that bad. not as creepy as paris', especially not as creepy as this old man feeling up jlo's!
*amanda was eliminated from ANTM last nite...boohoo, no more twins! i'm really starting to like eugena, she's so pretty and has a funny attitude when she shows it. the elimination was scary, but caridee came through. she better knock melrose out (anyone notice the judges are catching on to her fake ass?).
*anna nicole smith says she "might" be preggers again. who a ho! i mean, i feel so bad about her son dying...AND she's getting evicted? woah, i'm sorry i called her a drunken slut, i mean crazy ho-bag...wait, i said ho. sorry about that.
*zooey deschanel looking fabulous at some volkswagon gathering. you may remember her from elf or almost famous or from just being hot.
*billy idol makes a xmas cd...whhhhhhhhhhhhhy
*nicole richie tells santa she was naughty this year
*kate bosworth is a skeleton
*i found pics of paris getting arrested for her DUI! haha! celebrities need to learn they can't always get away with shit.

okay, i've ran out of back later

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

hello again!

wow, it's been forever! i decided this blog needs an update and i'm starting with my most exciting news ever...

the beautiful and most talented mariska hargitay finally responded to my letter i sent last year with an autographed photo!!!!!! it is so fabulous, i will find a way to post a picture soon.
for now, here is the woman i adore:
mariska magdolina hargitay

*britney spears won't stop showing off her lady folds
*paris throws a drink at lindsay, lindsay calls paris a cokehead and paris calls lindsay a firecrotch- oh the drama!
*tonite is a new episode of ANTM...i'm rooting for caridee, melrose is a biotch! plus caridee has mental problems like me.
*scarlett johansson will cover tom waits songs...interesting
*paris and nicole are friends again! yey! it seems forced though...i feel this was all a sham
*my new favorite website

well...i'm out

PS: have a jolly day