Tuesday, June 28, 2005

no title today

right now i'm eating wonderful pickles right out of the jar with a fork. my favorite summertime activity. not to mention 0 calories AND 0 fat

unfortunally i had to stumble upon the website for the
i am so appalled and i feel like i will literaly puke at any moment now. in what was is this possibly legal?
*haha...someone pranked called a hotel with lines from officespace. yeeeeah...that would be greeeat.
*NEWSFLASH! nobodycaresaboutdjs
*apparently if everyone lived like me, we would need 4 1/2 planets
*and one day i will make undies out of my old teeshirts

Monday, June 27, 2005

kp macnashit

i quit my job today before they could fire me. i feel so much better - although my mom is making me feel real flustered and shitty. HEY MOM! I PROMISE I WILL GET ANOTHER JOB!! hopefully she dosen't read this but just incase. seriously - she acts like i'm gonna lay around the house all day and eat donuts. whatever, i've been looking for a job alllllll day and i have several appt tomorrow already! this may be surprising, but, i do want a job. one that makes me feel HAPPY!

at least i got my ac/dc air freshener in the mail today

*my mom is not cool. but she would be if she pulled this shit like madonna. ps: i doubt that will teach lourdes to be responsible.
*50 worst haircuts...hahaha @ the mushroom/dickhead, the super idiot, the broom and pride of jersey!!!!!
*SAD: the voice of tigger died Friday and the voice of piglet died today :(
*first ever product with a barcode was scanned in good ole ohia
*rupaul's blog LOVES IT!
*can someone explain this?
*cows are cool! please don't eat them.


Saturday, June 25, 2005

fucked up events

DO NOT CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway...after unfortunally going to the "whisky ranch" in hickville, ohio usa last nite, my ride was too drunk to go any farther so i volunteered to take the bus. little did i know that the buses stopped running...so i walked and staggered and flipped off pervs for about an hour or two before i found a payphone and called ian. he came flying to my rescue on a shitty rusty huffy. so we walked from North Olmsted to Lakewood last nite, it only look like...4 hours? i love him too much.

*guess what "nicked olivia" is an anagram for? you are a genious if you know.
*this guy is really talented
*and i love amy cause she's so damn funny
**two paris hilton finds: #1 and #2
just like me right now cause it's 92 degrees and we aint got no a/c. it looks like rain so hopefully that will happen. what can i do until ian gets off work? i'm bored i wish we had a slip n slide, except the fancy kind, not the kind made of latex or whatever the fuck it is, that shit hurts going down.

Friday, June 24, 2005

i love my boyfriend

Melessa and Ian
  • May one day have four related girls.
  • Love to play all kinds of games weekly.
  • Follow their dreams.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy

new synonym for doin it: "hey, ian, do ya wanna go SEAL THE DEAL?"

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

stuff and other stuff

it's been a few days...only cause i'm scared i'm going to get fired so i'm trying my hardest not to browse the internet while working - we can see how well that's working hmm.

some things i want to say:

*me and ian saw mr & mrs pitt-i mean SMITH on Monday at the drive-in. it ruled because we got real drunk and got to smoke cigs while watching it. the drive home was an adventure, only to drink champagne when we got there. why? because it was our 10 MONTH ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!! yey for L OV E!@!!!!!!!!!!!!

*with this whole "tomkat" shit going down, i just have two things to reference (in disgust): #1 - third one down, & #2 - woah


*my new favorite movie is the adventures of milo & otis, thanx to my baby ian who bought it for me for just one sweet buck at the record exchange. looking the movie up online - woah...that explains why all the names in the credits are foreign, it was filmed in JAPAN!

*and finally....THE INTERNET, one of the many wonders of this world. i wonder when it'll catch on?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

random funny shit

companys i deal with everyday:
*fuchs lubricants - haha, the entry page is just funny
*all erection tool & dye
*bj service - providing "pumping services"
*assman corp.
*bonar plastics

me & ian's synonyms for DOIN IT:
*no pants dance
*making love
*bumping uglies
*knocking boots
*hot beef injection
(suggestions are welcome!)

ps: i laughed my ass off for hours last nite at this credit card experiment

Monday, June 13, 2005

why london????????????! among other things with many exclamation points and caps lock

Sunday, June 12, 2005

tara reid is slutastic

she looks like she is gonna cry at the end "NO ONE SAW ME!"

Friday, June 10, 2005

favorite stuff for your reference

my top favorite things of all time:
*watching cops
*cheese pizza
*jim beam
*dr. pepper

my top fav famous assholes:
*paris hilton
*karen o

my top fav songs of all time:
*sugar by tori amos - live version
*eqvvs by blonde redhead
*there's no way out of here by david gilmour
*sleepless by king crimson
*diamond sea by sonic youth

my top fav person of all time:
*ian mathew stetz<3

and some other stuff i will add later
6/13: added more shit and catagories

Thursday, June 09, 2005

i love you tori

and i have loved you for the past 10 years
now i love you even more for calling morrissey a short dick mother fucker.


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

i am so drunk

and i am at work
this is crazy
i have no idea what is happening!
i'm typing alright which is suprising
i fucking am in love with pj harvey
i wish i was sleeping though

woah i managed to find paris hilton's gift registry
and who cares if it's november

Monday, June 06, 2005

looks like somebody's got a case of the monday's!

vote for the sexiest vegetarian
how come i'm not on the list...it's been 6 years since i've willingly consumed anything that has a mother or eyeballs. interesting fact: non meat eaters save the lives of 95 animals a year!!

more fun things:

*here's a hot shirt with paris hilton as a vampire

*what's up with middle-aged hollywood men getting arrested all of a sudden?

*"So we won’t see you hanging out at Marquee on weekends with, like, Lindsay [Lohan] and that whole crew?" -magazine "Nope. I think it’s because I don’t really do coke anymore... [Laughs.]" -kelly osbourne (i really can't stand her but quote by her is super super funny)

Friday, June 03, 2005

sad day

today was the last day of school at St.James for good. they are closing the school and merging with some other schools. i never went there; i was forced to go to a white trash school for my younger years. but i feel really bad for my sis hannah and her friends, they have went there ever since they were 5!
looking at this picture, they seem very upset about it ....awwwwwww

wide awake after 45 min. of sleep

can't wait for this weekend
*wish you were here - pink floyd cover band
*kashmir - led zeppelin cover band
i'm gonna die


also, paris hilton's government file ...weird.

and of course...eye love-a eyon

Thursday, June 02, 2005

courtney love and co.

here is courtney and frances bean
courtney gained so much weight (that happens when you stop being a junkie i.e. nicole richie - although i don't see courtney weighing 72 pounds anytime soon) and frances is just so beautiful - a spittin' image of her dad.

good news, i won a bunch of shit on ebay for real cheap!
pink high top cons $3.25 - mostly for hannah but we share
vintage nine west pumps $.99
photoalbum and disposable camara $.01 - hells yes
pretty vintage dress $6.00
not to mention the ac/dc air freshener for my car.

well gotta go look busy