Monday, September 05, 2005

here's those links i promised you last month...

since the world is about to end soon...let's laugh at stuff

*world jump day - if everyone jumps at the same time next year, we may be able to move our planet into a new orbit! yippee!
*Penis/Shoe chart - is it really true that big feet means big schloong? i dunno. but this chart is sure informative
*Funny pictures - 700ish handpicked funny pictures of random shit. i always go here when i need to laugh.
*Cumming, the fragrance - yep, it smells like sex AND it's $69
*Cinemorgue - where celebrities go to die during/after their movies
*Awesome shirt - i want one to wear once a month
*Hendrix was gay - just so he didn't have to join the military...haha what a prankster
*2 cats - in love<3
*Optical illusion - this is really cool, but DO NOT ATTEMPT WHEN INTOXICATED
and finally....
*Wall Tattoos - they're everywhere, just look behind that ugly picture of the beach in the office of your therapist while waiting

i went shopping today at payless, marshalls and old navy my fav places to go. everything in on sale and at old navy i bought about 10 items for under $3 each. woohoo! i'm gonna look super cute when i start my job tomorrow at JD ByRider. i'm not in sales, god no. i'm behind the scenes breaking down deals and tracking payments. sounds like fun, not really. it'll take me an hour to get there probably and i only get half a tank of gas for 20 bucks now. fuck that. bye.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

in my platforms i hit the floor...

august 30, 2005
the best night of my life. my 3rd tori concert. my first the plugged tour in 1998, then the 5 1/2 weeks tour in 1999 and finally, 6 years later, the summer of sin tour 2005. definately the one i value the most. i've lived my life with her music guiding me, comforting me, teaching me for 10 years now. it was just incredibly special and i cried throughout the whole thing.

i just wish i had spent the extra $60 to get an actual seat and not "standing room only"
if any of you "standing" bitches remember the girl who was singing along to every song and moving to the music - that was me. so next time your mom takes you to a tori concert don't be a little whore and push me because i'm in your "space". guess what, you mean nothing to me. just like the concert meant nothing to you. no one goes to a tori concert to laugh at people who are singing along and crying, especially if it's someone who actually appreciates and loves the music. if i see you again fuckettes, i'll beat your ass in tori's name.

since i was so far back and my eyes are so bad, all i could see was her outline within a bright illuminating space between her two pianos. she looked like an angel. i took pictures but they are not so good. here's a picture that is very good, thank you trent.
credit to trent @ pinkisthenewblog
so back to tori...
i brought the alternative press magazine with her on the cover from 1998 and my very rare lyric book from choirgirl
lyric book from john p mcnee former owner of platypuss records
they were wrapped in plastic in my purse and i had a lot of perm markers...just in case. it was really really raining.

thanks to for the stunning, moving, touching and inpirational set list from the night...

Original Sinsuality
Space Dog
Ribbons Undone
Mr. Zebra
Playboy Mommy
My Favorite Things (cover)
Rocket Man (cover)
Jamaica Inn
Cars And Guitars
Cool On Your Island
The Beekeeper
Goodbye Pisces
Liquid Diamonds
Hey Jupiter

i swear i was in heaven during the entire show. and extra bonus, it was tash's 5th birthday! she came out on stage and said "thank you for coming to my party" and "thank you for coming to my moms show" then everyone sang happy birthday. she stayed on stage with tori during "ribbons undone" then ran off. the balloons on stage spelled out her name. her theme was star wars and she was dressed as queen amidalia. damn, i wish i was closer!

i can't explain how fucking fantastic it was...except for the rude people, everything was perfect. i should have expected it, if you look up any tori review from cleveland they all mention the people who attend that are very rude and talkative during the performance. quite a bummer.

so after the amazing and wonderous show we ran all the way around the ampitheater to the tour buses. it was pouring rain the whole time, i didn't care. ian and i stood there for a long time calling for tori. a guard came over and said to be quiet because tash was asleep. aww.
there were about 3 or 4 people there with us. but we saw her. she waved at us. she ran to her bus thru the rain and waved at us. when i saw her i screamed "torriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!". she probably wouldn't have even noticed us if i didn't scream. so a big "fuck you" goes out to the bitch who told me to stop screaming. i waved at her bus as she pulled out, off to her next destination.

standing in the rain, running in heels, ian getting sick from the rain, not meeting tori, blisters and cold wet clothes, smeared mascara, stupid teenagers, smelly rapid station rides and scary downtown freaks...sorry but it was all worth it. a fucking dream come true.